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Beautiful Classroom, Facilities and Grounds


Nature Play and Trail​

Being outdoors, playing, connecting with nature and each other, offers invaluable foundational skills. Being in nature promotes more curiosity, less fear, and unlimited potential for taking what is learned in class and applying and utilizing it in their daily life. Benefits of unstructured outdoor nature play include development of:

- core strength                  

- appropriate risk-taking

- stress-reduction

- social emotional skills  

- balance and coordination skills

- gross motor skills                   

Indoor Learning SPace

The indoor learning environment is carefully thought out using natural design elements and materials. Earth tones and natural lighting simulate the calming effects of the outdoor environment. Cool colors and blue hues promote a peaceful space for learning while keeping the children energized and stimulated. Each area is thoughtfully designed to be inviting and to encourage students to apply critical and creative thinking skills. Our classroom engages students in intentional subjects to achieve academic success while supporting students to learn about themselves, develop positive social behavior, emotional development, resilience, and appreciation of the beauty in everything.                  


Animal Care

Numerous studies have proven that regular contact with animals is physically, emotionally, psychologically beneficial to children, Caring for animals and pets also provides opportunities for children to learn many crucial skills and develop life long memories. Some of the benefits of pets and animal care include the following:

- respect 

- responsibility

- circle of life

- overcoming fears

- anxiety reducing



A garden is an interactive playground that engages all the senses. Children can literally see, touch, and taste the fruits of their labor, smell nature's scents, and listen to the buzzing bugs and whispering winds.  Involving the senses feeds their curiosity and leaves a lasting impression of gardening and the science behind it. Some key areas of influence include the following:

- responsibility and reliability

- cause and effect

- Math and Science

- harvesting and preparing

- empathy

- self-esteem

- appreciation of nature

- reduces stress levels

- self-confidence

- focus

- physical activity 

- team work

- grip strength

- self- confidence

- team work

- physical activity

- nutrition

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