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Nature-inspired learning every day

Here at Tiny Tree we believe in a holistic approach to education that focuses on academic growth, but also social, emotional, physical and personal growth. 

We offer an all-inclusive and evolving curriculum that focuses on learning through exploration of the natural world and the creative arts. Traditional academic areas of learning, such as letters, numbers, colors, and shapes are incorporated daily through story time, circle time, creative art, center activities, music and movement. 


Children who experience diverse natural settings are more active, healthier, and interact in a more calm manner. We use both indoor and outdoor classroom settings to encourage and allow our children diverse ways of learning. The use of these diverse settings will encourage imaginative play, healthy risk taking, cooperation, creativity, as well as cognitive and gross motor skill development.


Learn (about and through nature):

Through positive guidance, we encourage students to learn through play, self discovery, creativity, imagination, and many hands on activities. We believe that play is a child's primary vehicle to learning and young children respond well to small group and individual activities.



Play-based activities offer choices and freedom of expression. Our program provides opportunities for your child to develop positive self-concept, to stimulate creativity, encourage curiosity, promote physical development, enhance communication skills, and develop basic learning skills. 


It is our observation that there is no shortage of technology in the lives of children today. We believe that it is important to have a healthy relationship with technology and to use it in ways that relate to the physical world as clearly as possible.  While we look for ways to limit the unnecessary use of technology and screens, we understand that our students will need skills for building a healthy relationship to technological interface.  The technological tools available in teaching are an important part of a holistic approach to building a complete citizen of the future.

Curriculum Components

Montessori Inspired Activities


Growing Up Wild

Learning without tears

Nature and Science Exploration


Nature Play

Story Time

Circle Time

Imaginative Play

Pre-Literacy Skills

Math Skills

Animal Care 

Family and community building

community service projects



handwork and art activities

Music and movement

gross and fine motor skills

sensory skills

social and self help skills

environmental awareness

conflict resolution

Problem Solving

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